Digitise your personal trainer business and maximise your profits

Save time with our software created by and for fitness professionals just like you!
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Why choose DudyFit?

Professionalise and digitise your training sessions

Dare to take a step forward! Professionalise the image of your own business with a platform that lets you automate your daily processes and optimise your work time.

Give your clients the time they deserve

Make the most of the functions and tools that Dudyfit offers you to manage your own business in a way that allows you to meet your customer’s needs without wasting any time.

Create exercises with your own videos and images

Train your clients and build up their loyalty! Customise your clients’ content and workouts in an easy, intuitive way, allowing them to monitor their daily activities and see their progress.

Free trial

No need for a credit card

What do our coaches have to say?

Noe Todea

Dudyfit has become a tool that makes my everyday activities much easier. It should be a must-have tool for any fitness professional.

Arian Fitness Coach

The online coaching with this app is much more closely related to clients and the feedback you get is so much more comprehensive. It’s really easy to use.

Javier Bernal

Since I discovered the DudyFit application my business has changed completely because it has given me a platform I can use to offer my personal training anywhere in the world.

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What happens if I have more than 50 clients?

That’s great, contact us to receive a customised offer. The more clients you have, the less it costs.

How does the free trial period work?

You will have the possibility of enjoying DudyFit with all its features, plus unlimited clients, for 30 days, completely FREE OF CHARGE and without the need to enter a credit card. Once this period has ended you will be automatically redirected to the payment screen to activate the plan that suits you.

Do my clients have to pay anything?

DudyFit is 100% free of charge for your clients. If they go into the subscription form via the DudyFit payment module, they pay you for your services in the same way as if they were doing it outside the platform.

Is there an annual contract?

Of course! You will also be able to benefit from a 25% discount by paying in this way.

How do I contact DudyFit if I need help?

You will have an assistant at the bottom right of the screen all the time after you have logged in. However, you can contact us via info@dudyfit.es at any time.

How are the plans upgraded if I enter more clients?

As the number of your clients increases, the plan you have contracted is upgraded so that every month you pay the corresponding amount. This means that you only have to enter your card once and then forget about this painful step for the remaining months.

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